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My eight-year-old son, Levi, is having a great experience with COMA. We started with COMA in June 2022, and we love the strong culture of camaraderie, which encourages not only excellence in karate, but also genuine friendship, sportsmanship, and kindness among students and teachers alike. I am always sure that Levi will be safe training with Sensei Co and that he is learning how to defend himself, as well as the discipline and character that goes with defending himself. When Levi started with Sensei Co, he could focus on class for only about 10 seconds at a time; now, his attention span ranges from 10 minutes to sometimes the whole hour-long class.


I have done martial arts before and I learned to punch, kick, and block, but I never learned how to apply these things. What I immediately noticed about this program was that we quickly went from learning a new technique to applying it on every other person in the class, and we keep on working on it until I am able to perform the move on everyone with confidence. This has given me the confidence that what I am learning in class will be practical if I ever find myself in a situation where it is needed.


My two sons Kyan and Jax Jamison have trained with Sensei Co since January 2022. COMA has provided a safe and secure environment for my sons learning self-defense, and we love the very hands on approach that the teachers have with them. My sons are learning great self-defense skills as well as discipline, stamina, confidence, self-control, and coordination skills in class.
COMA emphasizes the basics and the foundational concepts as the building blocks for higher degrees of karate. Over the last few years, they have both grown considerably in their karate, confidence, and coordination.
I personally look forward to seeing my boys achieve a higher understanding of the karate techniques they are being taught and how to master those techniques while under pressure or in a stressful situation simulating an actual attack.
My oldest son is on the Autism spectrum and has difficulty with his coordination skills. I’ve seen vast improvement in this area ever since he has started taking karate. Both of my boys, have gained stamina, coordination and confidence in themselves. They are both realizing they can use not only their hands but feet to protect themselves.
The best part about COMA is the Sensei’s – they love the art of karate and it shows through their teachings. They are enthusiastic about teaching and are learning themselves since they view each student independently based on their strengths and areas they need to improve. They not only teach self-defense they also teach the healing side of karate which a lot of schools do not focus on.


My son started karate classes when he was 6 years old and is now 12. When we started, he had no knowledge of martial arts or it's great history. To date, he has moved through quite a few belt levels and now has enough skills to protect himself. He now has great knowledge of the foundation and history of karate and the style that he is learning. His goal is to develop the necessary skills to get his black belt.
COMA becomes family. They focus on your child individually and what he needs to meet his goals. They also provide a safe, non-judgmental learning environment. They celebrate my son's milestones and achievements, encourages and guides him when needed. They also met him on his level and encouraged him to work hard and do his best.
COMA fosters positive self-image and taught my child how to speak up and be heard. COMA was a life changing program for my son. He came in as a meek, shy boy, who cried if you looked at him too hard. Now, he is a brave, positive, assertive young man who assist with classes and is not shy about showing off his skills


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