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How do I sign up?

You can sign up online, but we prefer that you first meet with us either on Zoom or in person at one of our classes to better understand our program; this ensures we are all on the same page regarding class expectations. To make an appointment, email us at or text 301-887-7350.

Where can I get more information?

Please check out all the pages on our website. You are always welcome to email us questions at or text 301-887-7350. We can also set up an in-person meeting or a Zoom meeting to answer any questions that you have.

Which package is right for me?

The package we recommend for a new student is the Standard Package. If you want to have the fastest improvement rate possible, then we recommend the Premium Package. If follow-along videos are not something that you will be able to implement for yourself or with your children, then the Basic Package is what we recommend. If you have special circumstances, then contact us at

I have multiple children who I want to sign up for your class; do you have a group/family rate?

If you have multiple family members who wish to participate, then we recommend that you purchase the Standard Package for one family member and purchase the Basic Package for the other family members. If your family has 3 or more people who will be participating in class, then contact us at or text 301-887-7350, and we will tailor a plan for your family.

I have previous martial arts experience; which package should I sign up for?

This is dependent on how much and what kind of martial arts experience you have. We will have to review this on a case-by-case basis and discuss what your goals are. If you want to eventually achieve a Black Belt with us, then you will have to know everything in our curriculum.

Is this karate worth it?

We have designed our curriculum such that every student learns one technique that he/she can successfully execute on everyone in the class before moving on to the next technique in order to demonstrate the value of our class. Further, we emphasize the need for physical contact in performing blocks and strikes; this is to train a student to know that his/her techniques work, rather than guessing. Additionally, we prioritize keeping our class sizes small enough that there is a low students-per-teacher ratio to ensure that we can give each and every student feedback on what they need to improve. Therefore, we believe that we are giving each of our students a great value-to-price ratio.

How often does a student have to practice in order to succeed in your class?

A student, child or adult, should practice at least 15-25 minutes of karate 6 days/week while he/she is a White Belt or White Belt Orange Stripe. Once you achieve an Orange Belt, an Orange Belt White Stripe, or an Orange Belt Black Stripe, we expect at least 25-30 minutes of karate practice 6 days/week.

What do I need to get the videos set up for my child to view while he/she practices with your follow-along videos?

You will need a device (tablet, computer, TV, etc.) to display the videos, enough room for your child to do 6 front stance steps forward and 6 front stance steps backwards, and good enough audio for a student to hear the explanations and commands given in the videos.

What is a reasonable amount of time for my child to get promoted to his/her next belt?

We have designed our curriculum to be 3-6 months per belt up to Green Belt. If a student is following all of our training recommendations and attending class, yet cannot test in these time frames, then please come and ask one of the Senseis and we will address the matter.

I can’t make the normal class times, but I want to participate in your class; what can I do?

This is one of the reasons we have the Premium Package with private class times. Please reach out to us if you cannot make it to normal class times. If there is enough interest, then we may consider opening a new class time/day. Whether or not you decide to train with us, this information is still valuable for us.

I hear that you make a lot of contact in your class; is this safe for my child?

We understand your concern, as bruises are never fun to have, let alone full-blown injuries. We mitigate this risk by having our younger students use protective gloves, forearm and shin guards while practicing. Further, we have methods to help decrease the risk of bruising after making contact. Ultimately, you should never bruise while making contact; if a person is hitting you hard enough for you to bruise, say something. You actually will get stronger quicker if you do not bruise while you train.