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About us

Real-World Self Defense

Chinn’s Okinawan Martial Arts, LLC is a Traditional Okinawan Karate School which teaches Shorin-Ryu Karate-do to everyone ages 7 through adult. We opened classes in June 2022 in the fellowship hall of Greenbelt Baptist Church, where we have remained to this day.

Our Dojo is a great place for anyone who wishes to get fit, learn to protect themselves, join a close community, set and achieve goals, and learn to thrive on responsibility.

Our Dojo is one where everyone strives for excellence and continual improvement. Our instructors regularly train with grand masters in several different martial arts styles and attend karate seminars throughout the year. Our students have competed in martial arts tournaments and regularly return with multiple trophies each.

We are currently accepting new students!

Not sure if Martial Arts is your thing? Try it out for free for 2 weeks of free Shorin Ryu classes before choosing a package to join.

From the first time that Sensei Co met Hanshi Murray, he has always been inspired by him. After his first class with Hanshi Murray, he came home and, being in awe of Hanshi Murray’s techniques, said to his brothers, “Wow, he moves as fast as lightning! I didn’t know that was possible”.

Through Hanshi Murray, Sensei Co has also trained under Hanshi Ali Shabazz (Aikijujitsu), Kyoshi (Master) Rik Lostritto (Uechi-Ryu), and Hanshi Doug Perry (Shorin Ryu). Through these different instructors, Sensei Co has been able to supplement his karate and kobudo to the point of developing new techniques in both karate and kobudo.

Outside of karate, Sensei Co has earned an AS in Chemistry from Montgomery College, a BS in Chemistry from University of Maryland, College Park (UMD), and is currently pursuing a Ph. D. at UMD in Photochemistry. At UMD, he has served as a TA in Organic Chemistry where he has taught over 1,000 students by the same principles and passion with which Hanshi Murray taught him. It is Sensei Co’s dream to continually improve his karate and his ability to teach karate to his own students, so that future students can achieve what he has achieved in the Martial Arts world faster and better than him.