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Karate Class

We teach Premium Traditional Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate for ages 7 through adult. Our classes consist of three sections: a short warm up, basics, followed by the last section which focuses on either Kata (forms), One Steps, Partner Drills, Sparring, Sparring Drills, and/or Self-Defense Techniques.

Students in our class learn to perfect each and every thing that they do. We insist on our students doing their push-ups correctly just as much as we teach and require them to perfect their punches, blocks, and stances, and especially their techniques on other people. As they progress in the belt ranks, our students will also learn to lead the class and teach. We limit our class size to 18 students so that every student can expect to get individualized instruction and corrections on their techniques.

We are currently accepting new students!

Self Defense Class

We also teach a Life Protection Class which is restricted by approval of one of the Senseis. We are blessed to have Hanshi (9th Degree Black Belt) Ali Shabazz come and teach this class every Monday at 7pm.

In this class, we teach our students how to roll and fall well enough that they can rest easy of hurting themselves with an accidental slip or trip. They will be able to perform these rolls and falls if a determined attacker throws them or puts them into a joint lock. We also teach our students how to throw people, apply joint locks, and be able to neutralize a determined attacker or attackers with confidence.

There are no martial arts belts awarded in this class, as it is purely a Life Protection class. Though it harmonizes well with our Karate Class and its belt requirements, it is a great fit for anyone who wants to learn to defend themselves without making the commitment to learning an entire martial arts system, and for people with significant martial arts experience who want to learn more advanced techniques.